Photo Yurt 2.0!

Checkout the latest Photo Yurt 2.1 Release running on the iPad pro or iPhone!
◆ Virtual backdrop, any backdrop, anywhere
◆ Accessory with fine-grained control
◆ Screensaver for the long running session
◆ Amazing templates and ready to go
◆ Morden filters for the Morden looks
◆ Visit iTunes for complete details,


Virb Go360 Creators Update

Calling All 360° video creators!
Let me give you the trigger at the finger!
Recording short clips at ease!
What would you do differently?

Introducing Virb Go360 !

The best creators tool for the Virb 360 camera.
– Trigger at the finger
– Action time is limited, set and forget with the camera timer
– Never forget to turn of the camera with stop camera on arrival
– You would never run your DSLR to dead battery, why do anything different to your Garmin Virb 360 camera! Save the battery time with the Virb Go360 Watch App.
– 5 hours battery life made possible with the Virb Go360 watch app!




Questions about the watch app?