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Virb Go360 Creators Update

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Questions about the watch app?




BigTrak reborn


BigTrak reborn, driving it outdoor.

Two components to this project

  • User interface, the iPhone/iPodTouch/iPad and Spectrum Analyzer Shield
  • Drive train interface, Arduino Uno and the RC car

1 – User interface

We want to use the Spectrum Analyzer Shield to process Audio signal that’s
generated from the RealSmartz App. First obtain a male to male AUX cable. Plug
one end to the input jack of the shield and the other to the Apple device. For
the newer Apple device you need to obtain an extension cable. Next, launch
the RealSmartz App.

2 – Drive train interface

Attach the Spectrum Analyzer Shield to the Arduino Uno and pwm pin 3 to Servo
and 5 to ESC of the RC car. First make sure the pins line up correctly between
the Spectrum Analyzer Shield and Arduino Uno. Push down with slight pressure and the
two parts should fuse into one unit. Next, connect the power of the servo to v3
and ground of the Arduino.

✅ Putting everything together

Upload and modify the driveTrainArduino/driveTrainArduino.ino to the Arduino and test everything out.
The Servo and ESC value is specific to your RC car and may not be the same.



Test it out on the field

Added a few GPS instructions on RealSmartz App. The RC car should be able to
drive towards the GPS way points. If your RC Car is behaving incorrectly. Give
your iPhone a call. It will stop the Car at its track.

Modify and control a mega Nerf gun with Arduino


What’s going on and welcome! Michael T here. I have a quick tip bit for you on how to modify and control a mega Nerf gun.



I Don’t Need It by Liam.M @liammmusic

Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

First we need to get a Mega Nerf gun.

I got this one from local Walmart for about 5 bucks Next, take out these 8 screws and note one of them is fake. Take out the ones on top and follow by the bottom ones. The shell of the gun should just separate easily. Like the final minute of a bad tinder date.

For the real meat, we have the real the gun. The outside is for looking cool and what important is the inside. Next you want to thread through the trigger of gun. Then we can pull on it from the end of the barrel. We need to snip off the shell to let the cable pass through. And leave of some space for the trigger. Now, close her backup and give it a tug at the end.

We can still preserve the benefit of using it as a regular Nerf gun. Next you want to 3D print this servo mount adaptor, it can also be mounted to the end of the Nerf gun. I will link the STL file down below.

Preview 1

STL file

Thread the servo horn through the cable and tide a knot at the end. Mount the servo to the adaptor and it should look something like this. Upload a simple firing program to the Arduino. Connect the servo to 3v and the signal wire to pin 3.

#include <Servo.h>

Servo servo;

void setup() {


void loop() {

  while (true) {}

Power up everything!

Hopefully it will give you some inspirations on adding Nerf gun to your next project. As always, see you next week with Michael!

:make a QR Code tracking, Arduino RC car

QR Code tracking, Arduino RC car

QR Code tracking, Arduino RC car




Type Descriptions
Music RaYnold JR Fairytales By Raynold JR
Music Otis McDonald Not For Nothing Music written, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Otis McDonald.


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EAGLE-3 RC car Amazon
Spectrum Analyzer shield Ebay
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What is it

Recently, I got a EAGLE-3 RC car. I admit it was quite fun. However, the
controller that came with the remote control car is not very responsive. I
decided to convert it into a standard hobby RC car. It lived up to my expectation.
Which is very nice.

While I was modifying the EAGLE-3. My Arduino arrived in my mailbox. Could
I double the fun with an Arduino?! The answer is most definitely, yes! I replaced
the remote receiver with an Arduino/Spectrum Analyzer shield and the controller
with iPhone. And, we are done! Maybe not so much.

Talk about the different designs

Ok, Let’s talk about the iPhone. There’s almost no doubt that it’s a very
powerful mobile phone. Is it the most powerful one?! I will have to let you
decide. However, the iPhone is the most ubiquitous and uniform device of all the
mobile phones. In a scene it’s very similar to the Arduino Uno, but on a much
larger scale.

In order to use them both in our project, we need to talk about communication.
The primary communication methods for the iPhone with the outside world.
– Wifi
– Bluetooth
– NFC and many more.
– The one method that caught my attention is the headphone jack, or the lack of
it in the newer models. However, there are adopters available to gain headphone
– The audio protocol has very little overhead and low latency. This perfect
for many projects that requires low latency communication.
– It requires almost no setup, just remember to install the RealSmartz App.

Just like the real world, a communication channel needs a listener. Let’s talk
about the Arduino.
– USB connection
– GPIO pins

Neither of the methods are very mobile phone friendly. However, there are shields
available to extend the functionality.
– WIFI shields
– Bluetooth shields
– Spectrum Analyzer Shield. It’s can process 7 frequencies of an audio input source.

And I will be using the headphone jack to communicate the intent to the Arduino.

Flush out the idea

To summarize, here’s the plan. We are going to launch the RealSmartz App.
The App will make the iPhone act as a microcontroller has a QR Code detecting
camera. We can modify the threshold value to the desire amount. The left
bar signifies the left turn and respective for the right. The Arduino will
receive a turn signal when the QR Code intercept the bar. Change the forward area
threshold value and reverse area threshold to the desire amount.

Next, we will then plug in the iPhone to the Spectrum Analyzer shield. Connect
the signal wires of the RC car to the Arduino. In this case, I’m using the 3 and
5 pwm pin to control the servo and esc. Load up the Arduino program. Print out
the QR Code from the App. Presto! We have the basic setup and ready to go.


And we are Done. There could be many improvements to this project. Let me know
in the comments down below. Follow me on the social media channels. If you
have any questions about the code, feel free to file an issue on the github

As always, this is Michael Ti. See you next week with Michael!

:make a fish tank




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Music Sunkissed by Ikson @ikson Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs

We need the following items to get started with this project

- A piece of 2X4
- The lid of the tupperware
- A piece of paper towel
- Clamp
- Pinter's tape
- Plastic tubing
- Drill
- Solar pump
- Rock filter
- Hot glue gun
- Tupperware
- 3D printed stand(optional)
- Fish(optional)
- Be creative


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The Stand 3D printable STL GCode
Solar pump Amazon
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Link to the Blog post

Name Link
Post How to make a fish tank

The steps

  • We are going to start with these four items.
    • A piece of 2×4
    • A piece of paper towel
    • Clamp
    • The lid of the container
  • First fold the paper towel into a square and place it on top of the lid.
  • Loosen up the clamp and hold down the paper towel and lid combo firmly and not too tide.
  • Take out the drill and power it up.
    • Drill
  • While that’s drilling, don’t drill too fast as the glass might shader. Take it nice and slow.
  • Unclamp the setup and repeat process on the diagonal side of the lid.
  • Now, the two holes are drilled. Remove the pinter’s tape from the lid.
  • Take a bit of plastic tubing and thread it over one of the holes on the lid.
    • Plastic tubing
  • Make sure to leave out about 2 inches on the inside of the lid.
  • Next take out your best hot glue gun. Use it to seal off the hole from outside of the lid.
    • Hot glue gun
  • Make sure your willing participate have platy of room and make sure the lid is water tide.
    • Fish tank and Fish(optional)
  • Take out rock filter thingie and solar powered pump.
  • Connect the rock thingie from the inside of the lid and the pump from the outside of the lid.
    • Solar pump
    • Rock filter
  • Seal up the lid and make sure the filter is on the bottom of the tank.
  • Press it down firmly on the lid and close up the sealing clips.
  • Flip it over and it’s done.
  • Just for the bonus feature, I decided to 3D print a stand for the fish tank.
    • 3D printed stand(optional)