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We need the following items to get started with this project

- A piece of 2X4
- The lid of the tupperware
- A piece of paper towel
- Clamp
- Pinter's tape
- Plastic tubing
- Drill
- Solar pump
- Rock filter
- Hot glue gun
- Tupperware
- 3D printed stand(optional)
- Fish(optional)
- Be creative


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The Stand 3D printable STL GCode
Solar pump Amazon
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Link to the Blog post

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Post How to make a fish tank

The steps

  • We are going to start with these four items.
    • A piece of 2×4
    • A piece of paper towel
    • Clamp
    • The lid of the container
  • First fold the paper towel into a square and place it on top of the lid.
  • Loosen up the clamp and hold down the paper towel and lid combo firmly and not too tide.
  • Take out the drill and power it up.
    • Drill
  • While that’s drilling, don’t drill too fast as the glass might shader. Take it nice and slow.
  • Unclamp the setup and repeat process on the diagonal side of the lid.
  • Now, the two holes are drilled. Remove the pinter’s tape from the lid.
  • Take a bit of plastic tubing and thread it over one of the holes on the lid.
    • Plastic tubing
  • Make sure to leave out about 2 inches on the inside of the lid.
  • Next take out your best hot glue gun. Use it to seal off the hole from outside of the lid.
    • Hot glue gun
  • Make sure your willing participate have platy of room and make sure the lid is water tide.
    • Fish tank and Fish(optional)
  • Take out rock filter thingie and solar powered pump.
  • Connect the rock thingie from the inside of the lid and the pump from the outside of the lid.
    • Solar pump
    • Rock filter
  • Seal up the lid and make sure the filter is on the bottom of the tank.
  • Press it down firmly on the lid and close up the sealing clips.
  • Flip it over and it’s done.
  • Just for the bonus feature, I decided to 3D print a stand for the fish tank.
    • 3D printed stand(optional)

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